Saturday, 3 August 2013

207 Dinosaur to Steamboat

Friday 2nd August
Miles Today  132     Total   16,059

We were up and raring to go today.....not.   We did manage to get ourselves together, but we couldn't get the internet working, so we left the motel and Dinosaur, got a few miles under our belt and hit McDonald's in Craig, to publish the blog.
Prior to reaching Craig, we had had a hole lot more lovely scenery, the desert area was so vast, with nothing for miles. The temperature was more biker friendly and it was a very pleasant journey.

We decided to head for Steamboat Springs, about 40 miles from Craig, and immediately fell in love with the place on seeing it.
It is a ski resort with cowboys, great. Unfortunately, the prices of the goods, reflect that.  However, in some ways, it was like stepping back in time.
We booked into a motel and found out that there was another rodeo starting at 7.30pm, so we found a spot for an evening meal and then made our way to the rodeo.  It was great fun again, but so far, Cody, Wyoming wins.  They did the child grab a ribbon of the calf again, and then they had a "peewee"class for 5 and under.  They had to grab a ribbon off a lamb.  Unfortunately the lamb got stage fright, and all these little people jumped on it, and the rodeo clown had to rescue it and carry it out of the arena.  It was hilarious.
The competitors waiting for their turn. The sunset was amazing.

This is how they take down a calf in the west....

 And this is how they get there kicks...the bulls that is....

They are extremely patriotic here. At the start of the rodeo they played/sung the national anthem and the whole place came to a stop, they even stopped selling entry tickets at the kiosk.

This guy is 5 years old. I can't remember back that far let alone do anything like this.

I have decided that I want to be a cowgirl, living near a lake, with a quad bike in the garage, for when the horse is on it's holidays.  Not too much to wish for, I think.
We left there to walk back to the motel and stopped into the bar we had had dinner in.  There was some live music on, but, it was a bit too loud for us, (I feel old now), so home to our comfy duvets.

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