Monday, 19 August 2013

216 Capitol Reef

Sunday 18th July 2013
Miles Today 155 Total  17,780

We were packed up and as usual left Moab at 11am. As we drove out of the town limits we met a Brit on a UK registered BMW who was doing a similar trip to us but only in North America and solo.

After about 40 minutes we turned on to I-70 (a motorway) and were confronted with this. A truck doing 70 mph... backwards. It was actually one truck towing another two. The last one was just facing the wrong way.

After turning off the interstate the scenery picked up again. The size of the scenic part of Utah just beggars belief. It just goes on and on. So much so that despite its beauty, we are becoming de-sensitised to it.

This is the Capitol Reef National Park.

We found a motel at a small town called Torrey and as we were early I decided to swap the tyres over.
Not a difficult job but getting the old tyres off the rims by hand is a bit taxing 

The rear being pumped up. This bike is just so easy to work on. I could not have done this on my old BMW.        

Then it was out to dinner in the motel restaurant and then on to the bar whgere we supped a beer on the patio.

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