Wednesday, 28 August 2013

222 Las Vegas

Monday 26th August 2013
Miles Today 0 Total   18,871

A lazy start and a meet up with the guys at a bar named 'The Harley Davidson Bar'. Also known by me as the 'Slow crap bike bar' - just don't tell the other guys, they are mostly on Harleys - Doh !. 

Some of the group that had been to the Grand Canyon were having problems (one of the Harleys broke down) and we waited at the bar all afternoon as it was an iconic place that they could find easily. Will that do for an excuse to sit in a bar all day ? Add to that the fact that it rained all day - again.

Anyway, some of the Grand Canyon gang arrived but the broken down Harley had not resolved itself yet and the rider was still in Flagstaff.

Another early night and no photographs taken - sorry. We promise to try harder tomorrow.

Tuesday 27th August 2013
Miles Today 18  Total 18,889 
Another slow start. We sat doing some computer admin, e-mails and blog etc as we were waiting for a parcel to be delivered to the local Yamaha dealer. At 1 pm I set off for the shop which was a bout 9 miles away. I collected the parts which contained mainly service parts but also a frame that holds the headlight and screen together. It had been broken by the pheasant collision a couple of months ago and we had not realised the hidden damage that had been done.

Pics ofc Sin City........

After getting the parts is was off to the an Irish bar to meet up with our friends again. It was a great night  out and we rounded it out with a cab ride up the Las Vegas strip at night. It was serious tinsel town. The thing about Vegas is that it is one of those places that you can only take the "full on", in your face, falseness of the place for a couple of day after that, it gets extremely boring. Everywhere you go there are wall to wall slot machines and gambling tables. 

Wednesday 28th August 2013
Miles Today 119  Total 19,008

An early start today (for us anyway). We were wheels rolling at 9am and off towards Death Valley. It was hot and I mean Hot. the journey there was around 40 degrees but the desert scenery was beautiful. We arrived at our pre-booked desert cabin at around 2pm. It was starting to get really hot now but I needed to fit the new screen frame on to the bike. The temperature was now topping out at 49C (120F) and it was seriously difficult to work.  

Some of the guys were seriously hard core and decided to camp.  I enjoyed the comfort of the air conditioned room.  We slept well and the poor campers got no sleep.


  1. Hi guys. Nice weather up north right? It's pretty hot down here presently, will be for another month or two. (just so you know!)
    Rozanne and I were in California and coming back here was a shock. Fortunately we have a little pool, so when it gets too much we jump in.
    Iv'e been catching up with your journey, you two are amazing. Not many people have the guts to take on such a feat. By the way Karen, I couldn't contact you with the number you gave me. Was it an English number? (If you email me I'll give you my number) Talk soon. Keep on having fun. Love from Charles.