Sunday, 18 August 2013

215 Moab Playtime

Saturday 17th July 2013
Miles Today 0 Total  17,625

Today was an admin day mainly. I got up early and took Wallace for a bath at the local car wash and then went in search of a camera shop. I found one and got a model almost identical to the old one except that it will not do panoramic pics so don't expect any more of them !

Then it was sort the kit out time for tomorrows pending departure and do the washing. I spent an hour scrubbing the bike jackets in the bottom of the shower to get 4 months of grime out of them before putting them in the laundry.

When that was over it was play time. We had arranged to take a 4 wheel drive buggy out for the evening. Woohoo....

It was an escorted trip which we do not normally like but it was a lot of fun. The guide, a retired marshal, took the lead and stopped at several places to show us local features. The most amazing was the dinosaur footprints. They were huge, as was the distance between them.

The footprints were huge.

This is one set (wet) and the next footstep is where Karen is standing !!

Although the trip was a procession, it was not a tame one and Karen had a ball, despite scaring herself several times.

Despite being a procession, it was great fun.

This video does not show how steep these ups and downs were.

And as usual the views were amazing.

The Colorado River.

And again.

We drove over the rocks and hills till the sun went down and then we stopped to watch the sunset.

The setting sun made the already red rocks glow all the more - just like Karen

Karen, her buggy and the ex marshal.

As the sun dropped the landscape became even more picturesque.

And it finally set.

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