Saturday, 10 August 2013

210 Aspen

Friday 9th August
Miles Today 0   Total 16,620

We decided to stay another day in Aspen and it turned out to be a wise decision. Today turned out to be a pain in the butt courtesy of Fedex. I looked on the internet to see where my tyres were and the Fedex system said that they had left  a town 30 miles away at 7:30. Good you may think. No not at all. On my second visit at midday I was told that the office only took air mail and not surface as my tyres were. They eventually turned up  and I collected them at 4pm. Too late to change them over and the hotel was too expensive (it was Aspen after all) to stay another day. They will need to be strapped to the bike and changed another day.

Being Aspen, John Denver's home town for many years, we stopped off to visit the 'Sanctuary to John Denver', a monument to the singer. We had been told about this place by Mary Scully, (Mikes wife from Seattle.)
The stones were

Following this we decided to go into town for a pie and a pint so to speak, and found a bar called 'A Pie and a Pint'.  We were soon sated and set off back towards the hotel to sort ourselves out for moving off the next day. 

Part of the pedestrianised section of Aspen
En-route, we came upon an Irish pub called Finbars. There was a musician there who must have been arrested on numerous occasion for crimes against humanity and murder of popular songs. We took a small clip to spread the pain around somewhat.

As you can see, having only 1 brain cell only allows guitar or vocals, not both at once.

Aside from the chronic musician, Aspen is a lovely place and being a ski resort for many months of the year, has many bars and coffee shops that are also full in the summer. 

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