Tuesday, 20 August 2013

217 Torrey to Bryce Canyon

Monday 19th August
Miles today 167  Total  17,947

We are still in Utah, and finding the licensing laws, very weird.  We were able to just have a beer last night, but only if we sat with a menu, and changed our minds about eating. As long as we kept the menu's company we were able to pay up and leave.

Our motel overnight (last night)

On the road today, we are heading to Bryce Canyon.  We passed through Dixie's National Forest and again the scenery was ever present.   We had stopped on the road to photo some of the very raw countryside, when we were approached by a couple, again from Britain, Manchester in fact.  They all notice the number plate and stop for a chat.

One of the things that gets me are the cloud formations. We rarely see anything like this in the UK
We went further on and came to Bryce Canyon Park.  After all the desert and scrub, it was lush and green.  There were the "usual" beautiful rock formations and we saw lots of deer and birds and this handsome fellow, waiting on all us tourists to run over his next meal.

Hey you, Raymond....you look kinda old....are you planning on dying anytime soon ?

Again we were approached by another couple and they came from Troon in Ayrshire.  After a good old chin wag, we headed off in our different directions.  This is obviously the place to go, if you are British.

These are some of the rock and erosion pictures we took.

The boss checking out the views

A baby Horned Toad.

We made several stops to admire the scenery and then headed off out of the park.  The afternoon flew past and we headed off in the direction of our next destination, which is Zion National Park.
On the way we came through 'Red Canyon'.  This vid shows it quite well:

 However we hadn't got very far before we came across this gem of a motel, called Harold's Inn.  The rooms are lovely, it is reasonably priced and the restaurant on the premises has very good food and is good value. The grounds were like walking onto the Disney set of Snow White with all the little chipmunks, rabbits and birds flitting around, and the humming birds were out in force again.  I love these little birds, Ray just puts up with me watching them for hours.  Tomorrow we will get to Zion.

In the restaurant attached to the motel

Not sure what the mountain lion was for but it looked good.

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