Wednesday, 11 September 2013

226 Monterey to San Francisco

Tuesday 10th September 2013
Miles today  128  Total 20,788

We both woke at about 6.30am, and Ray went outside to work on the bike, just to make sure all the spokes were still in place.  Me, I was able to turn over and grab another couple of hours of sleep.  We packed up and headed into Monterey itself.
Fabulous little street in Monterey

We went to Fisherman's wharf and on Bear's recommendation we went to the Aquarium.  What a fantastic place.  It was super educational, but also had a huge variety of sea life, and was inside in the aquarium, and out on the coast.  We absolutely loved it and saw the fabulous sea otters and harbour seals outside, and the rest I'll leave to the photo's.
Cute little fellow enjoying a fresh crab lunch!

Pink wormy thing that lives deep in the mud of the bay.

These are yolk jelly fish, very weird

The only thing missing was the seahorse collection, I didn't fully catch what was said, but it has been moved elsewhere at the moment, I don't know if that is a permanent thing.
If you do nothing else in Monterey, you would not be disappointed.  We stopped for lunch in The Coopers Pub.  Apart from being full of British tourists, which we didn't appreciate at first, it serves great food and is near the Aquarium. 

Our next stop was San Francisco, it was a 120 mile hike and unfortunately we arrived in town at rush hour.  We spent a bit of time driving around town and spotting places we had been with my Mum, several years earlier.

More traffic on the pier coastal road

The Bay bridge

Traffic and tram wires.
 We knew that it would be more expensive to stay in town, but what we hadn't counted on was "The America's Cup" Yacht race is taking place, so everyone of the hotels was completely booked.  We were eventually very lucky in that we got the last room available in  The Wharf Inn for 200 dollars, but it is near Pier 39 where all the elephant seals are and the area is great fun and full of life, so we were happy.

We wandered down to the pier and could hear the seals out on the pontoons.  We couldn't see too much as it was dark, but Mum, I will get the photo's for you tomorrow.  We had a great meal at Bubba Gumps and then retired. 
Brings new meaning to dinner by candle light.  So romantic.

 Oh I completely forgot, my husband spent a fortune on another new camera and some lenses, actually he got quite a good deal, but for the next few weeks I shall constantly remind him of my up and coming shoe budget!!!!!!

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