Tuesday, 24 September 2013

233 New Mexico and into Texas

 Monday 23rd September 2013
Miles Today 170   Total  22,396

We meant to put this picture in that Rozanne took of her beautiful black cat, who really does look like a panther.  He is so solidly built, and just a cutey.

Back to today....

It was kind of a funny old night.  In our quest to try and keep me within our budget, Ray chose the motel last night.  We were on the edge of town and as we had arrived in the dark, which is totally out of character for us, we checked the room and went straight out for something to eat.  We found a little Mexican restaurant which was okay, but full with several Texas cowboys going home from a rodeo.  They had obviously had a good weekend as the guys were quite raucous and the horse talk was flowing, along with their beers.   We returned to our room, and outside the door, waiting for an invitation in, were some massive black beetles, which didn't go down well, for me anyway, and then once inside the room, we could hardly hear our selves think because of the noise of the trains.  We were quite near a crossing, and these bloody things, sound this awfully loud horn, 4 times, as they approach it.  There are nail marks in the ceiling where it scared me out of bed.  Funny enough though we did get a good night's sleep, but this morning, those huge black beetles had found their way into the room, well two of them, but that was enough to get my imagination going as to where they were whilst I was asleep.  Yeah, can't wait till we get to the rain forests and all the other bugs that go with that, big brave traveler that I am!

We don't get these in the UK. A car with train wheels.

We set off with a kind of plan, and we stopped in Deming for brunch and petrol, and an older lady approached us with a young boy.  She stated that her grandson was really interested in the bike, but was too shy to speak himself.  They got the tour round and the speech that we have almost perfected about our journey.  Flo and Issac, as they introduced themselves.  It really is quite amazing what a talking point the bike is.  We get many waves and thumbs up from people who pass us on the road and it is lovely.  Sometimes you feel like a mini celebrity,they have made us very very welcome.

More open desert

This was just weird.

Approaching Las Cruces

The Rio Grande does not look to grand at the moment

We made our way to Las Cruces, which is our last stop in New Mexico. What a beautiful little place.  We went to Mesilla Plazza  which is one of the oldest places and also famous for being the death place of "Billy the Kid". There was a lovely church and other very tourist priced shops, but we found a little cantina, which sold the best Margarita in town, apparently it was award winning, and strong.

This building housed the courthouse that finally convicted and hung  'Billy the Kid'

The oldest brick building in the state. Its original owner was murdered in a robbery in 1866

Masilla square with the Basilica of San Albino

Ray strapped me onto the back of the bike (only joking), and we set off on the last stretch to El Paso, Texas here we come.

Having spent days on the interstate (Motorway) it was good to get back on to smaller roads.

The Rio Grande further South  - Wot no water !
I have loved this latter part of the journey.  Phoenix and Arizona was extremely hot, but beautiful with the desert landscape, huge cacti and it goes without saying, the people, but New Mexico has been getting greener as we go along, with a very Spanish feel, (for us Europeans, that does make sense), just very beautiful and feel good.  The temperatures have been far more peely wally Brit friendly too. (cooler).

We enter our last state.
We arrived in El Paso quite early for us and having booked into a Motel 6, we are getting on with blogging and trying to sort out the next instalment of the route and journey.

El Paso shares a border (via the dry Rio Grande) with Ciudad Juarez in Mexico. It is probably one of the most dangerous places in the world and the Americans want to keep the towns separate.

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