Saturday, 21 September 2013

230 Escape from Los Angeles

Tuesday 17th September 2013
Miles Today 241  Total 21,722

Today we set off for Phoenix to visit Karen's cousin Charlie and his wife Rosanne. 

As we were packing the bike up this gorgeously coloured beast flew onto the tank bag. It was about 1" long.
Iridescent green bug.

What a scorcher. It was around 43C (110F) all afternoon and there was not a cloud in the sky. The desert was as usual very beautiful but vast and windy.
Spot the windmill made on friday afternoon

We came to a petrol station that for some unknown reason had the General Patton Tank Museum tacked on the side of it. Sorry about the bad photos but we did not want to get off the bike again and just wanted to get back into the 80mph cooler air flow.

One for the girls !
Just above the speed is the temperature... 43C...phew..

250 miles later we arrived at Blythe, and found a Super 8 motel with a pool. Despite our best intentions we did not take a dip. It was shower, food, bed. We were compleyely worn out with the heat.

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