Wednesday, 25 September 2013

234 El Paso to Alpine

Tuesday 24th September 2013 Miles Today 221   Total  22,617

We have a general dislike for cities and having driven through El Paso already we decided not to go back in. We set off for the 200 odd miles across Texas' empty desert. 

We were not surprised. The first 116 miles of interstate was as boring as it gets and we decided not to bore you with photos of flat desert. When we turned off the interstate onto a normal 2 lane road the scenery did not get any better. We did however spot this air balloon in the middle of nowhere. It was apparently a military air ship. Why we do not know but there it was anyway.

This was in the middle of nowhere ....  really really in the middle of absolutely nowhere

Moving on we drove through a small town called Marfa which appeared to be dying on it's feet but it could be because it was out of season. It was then on the last 25 miles to Alpine. The last 10 miles of which was much more interesting being more hilly and having at least some visible animal life with our first spotting of something other than  cows.

Our fist sign of life (aside from fellow drivers) for 200 miles.

We entered Alpine and it was a breath of fresh air with normal shops, bars and crucially motels. We drove through town past the more expensive looking ones and found a presentable one on the East side of town. After a brief rest we went out for a bite and a beer and ended up in a simple locals bar near the motel.

The Eskimo Bar. No Eskimo's and only 1 bar. Simple but nice.

Tomorrow we intend to go into Big Bend National Park. It is called Big Bend as it is on a big bend in the Rio Grande on the Mexican border.

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