Sunday, 15 September 2013

228 Carson and Lone Pine

Friday 13th September 2013 Miles Today 20  Total 21,031

Another lazy day. We decided to do this as we want to attend Universal Studios at Hollywood and did not want to go on a Sunday with the crowds. 
Carson is the capital of Nevada. Casinos are a way of life and mainly run by the Indians

Looking North into a sprawling Carson City

And a real pub

Instead we went to the cinema ans saw 'Riddick' starring Vin Deisel. It was OK with little plot but lots of action so we came away with mixed feelings about it.

Then it was out to dinner and a couple of beers before settling down to an early night.

Saturday 14th September 2013
Miles Today 230  Total 21,261

Our main aim today was to get halfway to Hollywood. We succeeded. 

As usual the scenery was magnificent. It has always amazed me how a desert can look pretty but there it is.

Mono Lake

Apparently the lake was all but empty as Los Angeles diverted it's tributary streams for water supply. This was reversed when the lake started to dry up.

 We stopped at a place called Bishop for a cold drink and popped into McDonalds. We pulled Wallace in beside a Russian registered BMW. We went inside and met Roman and Dasha (phonetic). They were doing a round the world trip and have just driven up from Buenas Aires. They were looking to ship back to Moscow soon as the snow has started to fall there.

Their BMW's cardan (universal) joint was failing so we uncovered it and I sprayed it with aerosol grease to keep it alive a little longer.

It was then back on Wallace for the last 100 miles to Lone Pine where we intended to spend the night.

We just missed this storm. Again the weather and cloud formations here are a thing to behold.

Lone Pine is just like an old wild West town. Just how we like it.

We went out for some food, before an early night and the next leg of the journey.

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