Sunday, 22 September 2013

231 Phoenix

Wednesday 18th September 2013
Miles Today 157  Total 21,879

A shorter day today in terms of mileage.

Same old, same old.....

Except for these. Not a good example but at 80 mph it's adequate

Having broken the back of it yesterday we arrived at Charlie & Rozanne's house around 1pm. It was seriously hot again and despite the short trip we were exhausted.
It was fantastic to see Charlie again and to finally get to meet Rozanne for the first time.  My cousin has been in the States for many years now and visits have been too few and too far between.  It was like we hadn't really been apart and soon we were all non stop talking and catching up with our lives.  They have bought a house just north of Preoria, and are in the process of doing it up and modernizing it.  They also have 3 of the most attractive cats that they have rescued over the years.  We dined out and after more chat, retired for the evening.

Thursday 19th September 2013
Miles Today 0  Total 21,879

Rozanne had to work today, and after Charlie had taken her, he returned and cooked us breakfast.  We were soon engaged in more chatting and then it was lunch time.  He took us to an English Pub for lunch and then back to the house where we carried on where we had left off.  Rozanne was home and we got to meet their niece, Elizabeth, a very beautiful and clever young lady who is in the process of selecting her university.  Lots more chat, on very many subjects and soon it was time for bed again. 

Friday 20th September 2013
Miles Today 0  Total 21,879

Another easy start to the day and breakfast cooked for us again.  We could get used to this.  We had the option of doing some sight seeing or chilling out.  The weather is still over 100 degrees and was too hot really to want to do much, so we took the relaxing option and did what we do best and chatted loads more.  We did manage a trip to the super market for more supplies. 
10 second dash by the pool. Charlie, Karen, Rozanne and Ray

Rozanne had looked into our situation of how to possibly extend our stay in the USA on our visa, and it is a relatively simple procedure, but would cost us 290 dollars just for asking, and for two weeks it could still be refused.  We were grateful for the correct information at least, but have decided just to stick with the original plan. This unfortunately means our visit with Charlie and Rozanne will be a short one, but as Ray keeps telling me, "it is not the quantity, but the quality", and I have to say, it has been fantastic.
We went out for another meal to say thank you, and that is pretty much as exciting as it got, but we are both relaxed and happy and really pleased that we got here and were able to spend some time with them.
Every hour in the restaurant, the staff would dance !!

The food was good though and we had a great evening

Saturday 21st September 2013

Miles Today 125 Total  22,004

 We packed up ready for the off this morning, both a bit sad that our visit was nearly over. We were running around trying to get final pictures for the photo albums, and the cats weren't allowed to escape either. 

Rozanne and her unusually marked cat Squeezle

Karen getting her cat fix.

Charlie, Blackie and Ray. Blackie is more like a small Panther than a cat.

Saturday 21st September 2013
Miles Today 125  Total 22,004

Rozanne and Charlie outside their house

Again, another cooked breakfast and after several goodbyes, we set off to southern Phoenix. It has been great fun catching up with Charlie and Rozanne.  America suits him and I feel I got to know him better in this short time, than I have probably done previously, although I always thought he was pretty cool.  Charlie and Rozanne, we salute you.  Thank you for a great time.   I'm sorry if the visit, doesn't translate as well on paper as it did in reality. 

As close as we got to the center of Phoenix

Having got back on the road, we stopped quite soon, to meet up with Vern, who we  previously met up with in Alaska and Seattle, and finally we got to meet his wife, Peggy.   They have a lovely place in Chandler, and we spent a few hours with them and their new Labrador puppy, Bogie.  Ray quickly told them what that translated to in Britain, apparently a bogie is a booger in the US, and according to Vern, he is a little "bugger".  Nice play on words, the world needs more comedians...... 

Vern and Peggy. One seriously happy couple.
Vern & Peggy's garden. The exterior wall has been painted with a route 66 mural,

Vern & Peggy in their house setting.

Again we caught up with life in the fast lane, and found out how the crowd from Seattle were getting on.  Another great way to spend a few hours, and then we were back on our trusty steed and heading for Tucson.  We settled in for the night and planed our trip to Tombstone tomorrow.  Doesn't that just sound great.  Tombstone, real cowboyish and macho!!!   

Another beautiful sunset.

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