Wednesday, 8 May 2013

158 Hunting Island State Park.

Tuesday the 7th May 2013  Miles Today 131  Total 2847

Our destination today was a State Park at an estuary area of the coast where we were told many bird species are found.

A heavy shower drenched the bike as we were getting our gear packed and it as though we were in for another wet day. Fortunately a quick look at the weather channel told us that It would soon be past and when we set off the sun was shining.

The journey to the coast was a relatively easy 100 miles or so but one stretch was a straight road for about 40 miles

As we approached our destination we started to see the estuary system that we had come to see.

We also passed the US Marines training base. They are slightly different to our Marines !

On the left is an F4 Phantom. I helped work on these when I was a Cadet and then again when in the Army supporting the RAF.
  Just before we got to the hotel we are staying at, the heavens opened and with two minutes to go before we would have been safe, we were drenched, yet again.
These creepers were all over the place. Makes it all look a lot more spooky.
The evening turned out beautiful and we found a lovely park where we could go for a walk.  We saw some very unusual birds, well for us anyway, and it was lovely and quiet and quite beautiful.
A Northern Cardinal

A view of the estuary looking out to sea.

One of the paths on the State Park
It is almost like walking in a secret garden.
There used to be a beach out here somewhere. Note the abandoned beach hut on stilts far left. They have had some serious erosion issues here lately.

Eastern Bluebird

An Osprey drying its wings.

A lesser spotted idiot about to enter the Boondocks bar.

Wikipedia: The term boondocks is an American English term for a remote, usually brushy rural area; or to a remote city or town that is considered unsophisticated. (Suited us down to the ground).

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