Sunday, 26 May 2013

172 The great plains

Saturday 25th May 2013
Miles Today 313 Total  5244

Our hotel last night was pretty much the pits.  The room stank of stale smoke and heavy disinfectant and it was with great relief we were up and out early.
We avoided the interstate again and just kept heading north west. We left Arkansas and entered Missouri.
Leaving Arkansas.

The journey was broken up for me by all the great gimmicks used by restaurants and diners along the way.

 It was a lot cooler today and made for a much more pleasant ride.
At about 3pm we were in need of some food and a drink and a rest for our backsides.  We pulled off into a shopping mall and all the usual eatery's were available, plus one called "Hooters".  Ray shied at going in there as he believed it was a topless bar. I don't think he'd have worried if I wasn't there!  Anyway I convinced him it wasn't and we got our seat.  A few minutes later the place erupted as some poor guy, who is getting married tomorrow, was stood up on a table and a plate of chocolate and syrup was rubbed in his face, we didn't catch all the speaking, but it was something to do with his last sweet dish before the big day.

 Ray was quite taken with our waitress all the same, and so to make an old man happy, he got his picture taken with her.

Very happy old man complete with his own set of Hooters!
Having physically dragged Ray out of there, we put in another 100 miles or so.
The road is long........
We rolled into Clinton and found the M hotel.  We booked in and after freshening up and a cold shower for Ray, we had a look around.
There were a couple of nice places, one being Truman lake, which is very high at the moment, and the other being Historic Downtown Square, which is apparently the largest square in Missouri. 

It is just like a huge roundabout, only square shaped.

We are hoping for another early start in the morning and heading to Omaha, via Kansas City.

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