Thursday, 16 May 2013

164 Wet N Wild and Island of Adventure

Tuesday 14th May 2013  Miles Today 30 Total 3382

Today we drove to the 'Wet N Wild' water fun park. The funny thing about water parks is that there is a lot of water about. Water and cameras do not mix well. The upshot of that is: all we have today in terms of photography is this idiot trying to do breast stroke on concrete.

Wet n Wild... more like Senile n Stupid

We did however have a very relaxing and fun day. It was good to finally get our bodily parts exposed to the sun and get a bit of a tan. We needed to be careful though as the Sun is directly overhead at midday and it is very hot. I even bought a pair of flip-flops to celebrate the occasion and walked around all day like a demented penguin on death row.

Wednesday 15th May 2013  Miles Today 30 Total 3412

Warning: If you are not a Harry Potter fan, 1) You may not like this, 2) You are numb from the neck up and 3) You need to see the films. They are a fantastic fantasy.

Today it was a trip to the Universal's Island of Adventure. Our want today specifically was to visit the new Harry Potter area. We were not disapointed. It was brilliant.

Some of you may remember the visit we made to the UK Harry Potter film set last September. ( Scroll down to Sept 5th in this link )

This is a picture we took in the UK of the model used to make the movie. it is only about 15 feet square in size.

The Harry Potter Hogwarts model at Universal in the UK

This is the one they built in Orlando. It is magnificent. And this is only one small part of it, there is a whole village built in the same mode.

Hogwarts Castle.
Inside the castle is a brilliant ride simulating  a broomstick flight through dungeons and a Quiddich pitch. We encountered, giant spiders, ghouls, dementors, everything. It was brilliant.


 The attention to detail was what amazed us the most. Every little thing was just right, Even the Hogs Head pub which we debated visiting (not for long !).

Outside the Hogs Head pub.

Whilst waiting to be served this hogs head started to move around snorting and moving its lips in synch.

Angry Bird and Grumpy trying to chill out

 Of course there were other things too. Like the Incredible Hulk ride. It was a bone shaker too.

The Hulk ride. The ride set off like a cannon to give the momentum to get round the rest of it.

 There were a couple of water rides, a log flume type thing and a big inflatable doughnut thing down some rapids. It was a lot of fun and we got so wet we had to take our shoes and socks off to wring them out. All in all it did not matter though as it was so hot, about 30 deg C, the wet kit helped keep us cool.

One of the water rides.
 The rides were so energetic (read 'violent') that it was not possible to take anything with us so we had to lock our bags and cameras away in supplied mini lockers, hence few photographs.

Tomorrow we go to Busch Gardens in Tampa Bay.

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