Tuesday, 21 May 2013

168 North through the Florida Panhandle

Monday 20th May 2013     Miles Today 234 Total 3882

As part of the long haul North I am actually looking forward to cold weather. It is as hot as hell here. We drove along all day with full protective gear (except gloves - that would be too far) in temperatures of 35 deg C (95F). We had a serious problem with the air conditioning on the bike - it doesn't have any.

We did however see a lot of wildlife today and as that is one of our main reasons for coming to the US, we are going to bore you with it.

The first thing we saw was a tortoise walking along the side of the road. Unfortunately it was walking the wrong way for a lift. A woman in a car then pulled up and deposited it in the bush.

I'd put my thumb up but my belly would hit the deck.

Then we were startled by a deer running across the road in front of us.

Then we saw what we later identified as a Red Shouldered Hawk stood just inside the tree line. We turned around for a better look only to see it slowly take off with a snake in its claws. It flew into the trees and then was joined by its mate. Amazing.

Then we came across another tortoise doing the 'chicken crossing the road thing'. This time it was Karen's turn to be the hero. These guys are about twice the size of the ones we used to have as pets when we were kids.

She is my hero.

 Then the weather looked as though it might produce the storm that was 20% forecast (as the Americans do). It did not rain but it made a great photo. Trula (my daughter) will love it.

It was pretty with the sun behind it. And it was the only one in the sky.

 Whilst ogling the only cloud in the sky we were surprised by another deer. A lot closer this time. I slowed down a bit more !

These flowers adorned the road for most of the day.
Tomorrow we head towards New Orleans. Its a fair way so we may not make it but that's part of the fun.

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