Monday, 27 May 2013

173 More long haul

Sunday 26th May 2013 Miles Today 394 Total 5638

So, today was another 'dash across America' day. Our biggest one day mileage so far.

We were busy getting across the US today so took little time out to take piccys and here is why.

So what do you see ?

Same as us.....nothing.

It is just flat farmland. I am sure it is lovely for the folks that live here but for tourists, there is nothing here. Hence the dash across the US to get to the interesting bits. We have one more day of this tomorrow.

The journey so far. As before, green - originally intended route, red and yellow, alternate days riding.


  1. Ray, I know you from ADV but just started reading your blog from the beginning. Amazing trip and I'm really interested in how you do Central America so I'm reading all the way along, don't want to jump ahead. I know you already in South America.
    My question is why you didn't follow you original route? the green line. How come you didn't go to the Keys in Florida?
    Keep safe

  2. Right George, here goes...Jesus you really are reading it all. I am humbled. Thanks.
    The green route was conjured up whilst sat in a campsite in Spain last year. Most of it was done from places we had heard of on TV in the UK. Originally we intended to go to a big theme park at Sandusky on lake Erie and then on to Chicago. However, I underestimated our travelling distances and as we are not city types we took a short cut. On top of that it was always our intention to adjust our route as we saw fit following advice from the locals.
    Also, we had previously ridden to Key West from Miami on a Harley some years ago. It put me off Harleys for life. Ray ;-)

    1. Ha ha, no more Harleys for you. Okay, so you have seen the keys. Thanks for the reply.