Thursday, 9 May 2013

159 Day 2 Hunting Island

Wednesday 8th May  Miles Today 50 Total  2897

We got up this morning to the local County Sheriff outside our hotel, just a couple of doors away.  He was there with a couple of reinforcements for a couple of hours.  Having decided we would stay another day, we wondered if we should reconsider.  I had to go to reception to pay for another day, and when I came back, Ray had got all the gossip, apparently he had spoken to the cleaner, who said she couldn't say anything,so he said it's okay we are police from Britain, and her words were, "it's okay, just some nutter".  Some things never change.  He was not a problem( the nutter that is) to us in any way shape or form.
We had more pressing things to deal with, as in, get sun tan lotion........yeah.... it's out, shinning  and oh my god, our peally wally skins are suffering.  We also had to do the laundry.    I won't dwell on it too much, but suffice to say the morning ended in a slight domestic.  This backfired big style when we both didn't talk to each other on the way home and completely missed the hotel, so ended up in the countryside again, (about 3 miles passed our destination) and as we were both being grown ups, fell about laughing at our own stubbornness and stupidity, eventually.  Here endeth the lesson of 24/7 on a Yamaha Teneree!!!!
Having recovered, we set off back to explore the area.  It is again totally stunning in it's own right, and we strolled over this area.
This is a walkway over to a small island where we could view wildlife and enjoy our picnic.
As we walked over this, there is a lot of mud and salt flats and I kept seeing things moving. At first I couldn't make out what they were, but it turns out they are little crabs, with huge claws, well one huge claw, and there were millions of the things.
Huge left claw, but some had the right claw that was massive.

These guys are less than an inch in size, the claws were bigger than them and this is less than a meter big area.
At the end of this walk was a decking area that looked over too the salt lands, and supposedly there are alligators here, but we didn't see any.
Quite incredible and beautiful.
After our picnic, we headed back to the beach.  It was strangely sad, due to all the erosion, but  fascinating as well.  It was very warm, deceivingly so, and we both got a bit sun burnt, more so because of the wind.   
These trees were once part of a thriving forest.
We sat back down in the park for a while and Ray caught this fantastic photo.  We love the wildlife and finding out about the different varieties over here has been great.  I give you......
.......The Yellow Billed Cuckoo....
In Britain, we mostly only hear a cuckoo, now we have seen one, simple things, make the visit worth while, for today at least. Bring on tomorrow.


  1. Fantastic blog today! Lowlands NC/SC is where my family hails from since about 1680. Taken as a whole, there's nothing else like it in the rest of the U.S. Amazing variety of wildlife all over that area.

    As an aside, before 1658, my antecedents resided in Mobberley, Cheshire East, which is today hard by Manchester, UK. I've never been, but I hear a nice little village. How they ended up in the Carolina's isn't entirely clear, as the original 1658 land grant from King George II was in Maryland.

  2. Glad you liked it. Thanks. It always amazes me how people cold have such courage and tenacity to completely uproot and move to a completely unknown land.We have spoken to many people in a similar position to yourself with roots or relatives in the UK.