Monday, 13 May 2013

162 Orlando EPCOT

Sunday 12th May 2013 Miles Today 10 Total 3327

Today was a weird one. Last night we found a tourist visitor center and sorted out our tickets with a few discounts. One of those discounts included was a promotion from a 'new hotel chain' that we had to attend the next day at 9;30 for 1.5 hours to save us $100 with breakfast thrown in.

How gullible can 2 ex-police officers be. At 9:30 we turned up at the 'hotel' only to find out that is was a time share presentation. We actually suspected it might be something like this but we were saving $100 so we went along with the pitch. 3.5 hours later we escaped with pockets intact only to be pointed towards another free gift which turned out to be conditional on another pitch which we told them to put where the sun doesn't shine.

By now it was almost 2pm and we jumped on Wallace to go to Disney Worlds EPCOT.

There was a flowere show on at the park.

EPCOT stands for Experimental Prototype Community Of Tomorrow. It was anything but. After paying $14 to park wallace we entered the park and joined the first ride. A journey through time with key points in mans development highlighted and narrated by Judy Dench. All was well the the ride stopped in almost pitch dark and the recorded voice said "Do not leave the car, it will move shortly". After about 15 minutes of listening to this same message every 30 seconds we were getting a bit fed up. It finally moved on and we escaped from the ride.

When the first ride worked, it worked well(ish).

We then moved on to the exhibits designed to show the best parts of numerous countries. With Germany on the list we made slow progress towards it to buy some Bratwurst's  (German Sausages) to fill our bellies.

Lion King topiary

We then decided to fit in some more rides and were gobsmacked at how completely crap they were. One was a 3D video of Michael Jackson and the other was and unbelievably boring display of our 5 human senses. I was aghast with how pants these things were, so much so it just made Karen laugh to see the look on my face.

They even had an English 'Rose and Crown' pub.

The star of the 'Cars' film.

We then decided to go on a proper ride. It was getting late and we made our way over to it seeing only a small queue. Looks were deceptive. Inside the queue for the car track thingy was huge. Anyway. we joined it at 7:20pm and waited and waited and waited, all the time listening to an inane and repetitive tune.
At around 8pm we were near what we thought was the end of the queue and the loudspeaker crackled into life and said "A fault has developed with this ride, please leave by the exit you entered by".  It just gets better.

That was it. I needed a beer. Right then ! We are off to the German bar (again !). We got to the bar and halfway through pouring the second (my) pint the pump ran dry. We just dissolved into laughter.
We stayed there until 9pm when they had the firework display which was extremely good.

The night view over the lake.

Part of the firework display was a lit globe that was actually showing a video of earth events (not visible to the camera)

 Despite my moaning the visit was actually quite enjoyable but we still managed to buy a 'Grumpy' T shirt for me and and 'Angry Bird' one for Karen.

It was then time for home and bed. Knackered and ready to do it all again tomorrow.


  1. The two of you are truly tourists now! You've graduated from the forest-bound sublimity of the Blue Ridge Parkway to the kitsch and tack of Disney World with barely a whimper of protest. :)