Thursday, 30 May 2013

176 Black Hills of Dakota and Mount Rushmore

Wednesday 29th May 2013 Miles Today 91 Total 6162

A slow start today. The new screen arrived at Fedex so I went and picked it up. We managed to get the Union Jack sticker off the old one (they are hard to come by over here !) and transfer it over so I was not a grumpy boy today.

After fitting the screen I did some bike maintenance and then we set off for Mount Rushmore.

On the way there we came across some of these critters near the roadside.
This is a ground hog.

Mount Rushmore was very impressive. We opted not to pay $11 to park and see it a bit closer. A bike was the same cost as a motor home so we though they could shove it.

Then we popped into a town called Keystone, parked our proper bike next to a load of shiny Harleys and headed for the saloon.

We then set off on a short ride to Hill City. On the way there the weather started to resume normal service.

The town itself was another preserved wild west one.

As usual the scenery was incredible.

On the way back home we spotted this. I can just imagine a High Court Judge in the UK picking up roadside litter...  NOT.

As we arrived back in Rapid City, we headed for a reccommended bar and the heavens finally opened up. It was till raining heavily 5 hours later.

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