Tuesday, 14 May 2013

163 Universal Studio

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Today we  were off to Universal Studio's.  It was one of those mornings where you take two steps forward and three back, but eventually we got ourselves out the door and Ray jumped on our trusty steed, and promptly had to jump back off as he had forgotten to take the chain lock off.  I was that busy laughing, but soon stopped when he asked me where my crash helmet was.  Oops it was still sitting on the bed in the room.  Anyway take two, was more successful  and we set off.  Once we got to the park we headed straight for some fun rides after yesterday's let down.

I'm back!

The first was a massive roller coaster which turned us every which way and took a few minutes to recover from.
Giddy afterwards but we still went on it twice.
That was followed by "The Mummy" which we both loved and several other rides which kept us kids amused.    As did this.

In denial and believing we are body perfect, we ignored it.....

We were later roped into twisting and singing along with the Blue's Brothers, which was great fun.

I looked as cool as that driving my patrol car.

We were twisting the night away, great fun.

The whole experience over here is just brilliant.  All the staff, actors and vendors are all really friendly and happy, we found that Euro Disney Paris, was very sullen and dull in comparison.  We have been there 3 times now over the years and it just does not come near. I'm sure it helps having the weather here though.  Every time in Paris it has been cold and wet.

This is called the flip over car from the new Fast and Furious movie.

Enjoying the sun and protecting his beer from the Jaws.

Promoting the new Transformers attraction, which doesn't open till June.
We both had a great day and are looking for a refund on the Mr Grumpy and Angry bird T-shirts.

We were unable to stay for the finishing show as we were both worn out, shaken about and our feet were killing us.  Tomorrow should be quieter, we are off to Wet and Wild.  I can dream can't I?

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