Monday, 20 May 2013

167 Cedar Key

Sunday 19th May 2013   Miles Today 0 Total 3648

A very slow and relaxing day. I have a cold of some sort so I was glad of the day off the bike.
 We started out with a walk along a nature trail. On the way there we stopped in a delightful cafe for some breakfast. I had a breakfast thing with sausage and egg whilst Karen had a very tasteful Blue Crab and Spinach quiche.

We then strode of to the nature trail expecting some wild life and was presented with this.

Wohoo...  this could be good....

Believe it or not this was the track of the oldest railway in the US. Part of the Atlantic to Gulf of Mexico railway. Now a sand trail with no wildlife - except bugs and bushes of course.,

It turned out to be a disappointment and the only life we saw were a few birds, a few jumping fish and a load of labels identifying trees and bushes.

Where is everybody !!!

We strode back into the City (you know, the one with 16 streets !) and after getting some shopping  found a bar overlooking (and actually over) the Bay of Mexico. I am being cheeky. It is actually a lovely place and we are both glad we booked in for two nights.

One of the backwater rivers.

And a dicky bird. A Hudsonian Godwit - we think !

Sangria mmmmm

This cheeky chap started pinching the bar peanuts. A Common Grackle.

After a couple of sangria's it was back to the motel only to find this cute beastie adorning the porch.

Shrek ? ... For you I could be !
 A gobby youth in the street sees a cat licking is genitals. He says to his mate "I wish I could do that". His mate says "If you ask him nicely, I'm sure he will let you".

Moving swiftly on....  Tomorrow, its off  Northeast towards Tallahassee.

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